COVID-19 UPDATE - I will be following government and professional body advice during all assessments and therapy, in order to minimise risk and keep everyone as safe as possible.  As each family is likely to have their own thoughts and preferences on what safe working might look like, so we will discuss this over the phone before we meet, to ensure we can find an approach everyone feels comfortable with. There is also of course the option of online sessions, phone therapy, and email, all of which can work really well for some children and young people.

Bearing this in mind, I suggest we start by speaking over the phone or email so I can get a clearer idea of your concerns, whether they be about you or your child's emotional wellbeing or behaviour.  We can then arrange an initial assessment session, at a time to suit you.  I will also send you a brief form to complete before we meet.

The initial meeting usually lasts for one hour.  It will give us a chance to talk about your child and his or her difficulties in more detail, as well as starting to think together about how you would like things to be different.  Whether or not your child joins this first session is up to you - although I will need to meet them at some point, I am also very aware that sometimes it is easier to talk openly without them there, especially with younger children!  If practical they can just stay for part of the meeting, or we can have a second assessment session which they join.

Sometimes I might suggest doing classroom observations at nursery or school, for example if your child is struggling with peer relations or managing their behaviour in different environments.  I may also ask to speak to other involved professionals in order to gain as much information as possible about your child and what might be contributing to their difficulties.

At the end of the assessment we will agree on an intervention plan, which will include specific goals you would like to work on or things you would like to change, how many sessions we are likely to need, and the frequency of these sessions.  This can all be as fixed or flexible as you choose - my priority is to make the process as easy and user-friendly as possible.

All sessions will be at your home.  I find seeing children and families in their familiar home environment helps puts any difficulties in context, and can be an easier and more relaxed process.  I am based in the Surrey Hills and cover the area between Coulsdon, Biggin Hill, Redhill, and Edenbridge.  If you're not sure if you fall in my catchment area please do just drop me a line to ask!

I also offer sessions via phone or Zoom, which can be an ideal option for those living abroad or in more remote areas.

CONFIDENTIALITY:  Everything that we talk about on the phone, by email, and during our sessions, will remain confidential.  Aside from in supervision (see below*) I won't share it with anyone else, although of course whether or not you choose to discuss it with anyone is entirely up to you.  The only exception to this confidentiality is related to risk - if I was worried that you or your child (or anyone else) was at risk of harm, I would be obliged to act accordingly.  This might involve contacting your GP, local services, or next of kin.  Except in the most extreme cases I would discuss this with you first, and would not share information without your prior knowledge.  Please see my Privacy Policy page for more detailed information about your data, confidentiality, and ensuring your privacy.

*Like all Clinical Psychologists I receive regular clinical supervision, however any cases I discuss are anonymised and no personal information is disclosed.

If you have any questions about how - or where - I work, please do not hesitate to ask!